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Zeilschip - Pedro Doncker

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Zeilschip Pedro Doncker

 The Pedro Doncker was a former Dutch fishtrawler, it was built very solid and tough to be able to fish even when the sea was rough. In the year 2008 the Pedro Doncker was rebuilt as a Barkentine. Now she sails around the coast of North Europe from Brest to Danzig. You can find the ship at every maritime festival in North Europe.

Dag tochttot 100 passagiers
Avond tochttot 100 passagiers
Cruisetot 32 passagiers
Because of the powerful engine, the modern rigging and highest safety standards under European directives, the Pedro Doncker is able to meet your charter wishes all around the world.

The ship has space for 32 sleeping guests in comfortable cabins, equipped with luxury French beds. Accommodation in double cabins with private shower/toilet or 4- person cabins.
With two saloons and lots of space on the deck the ship suits perfectly for your voyage in north Europe or round around the world.

Algemene gegevens

In bedrijfsname: 2008
Thuishaven: Amsterdam
Vaargebied: Wereldwijd
Classificatie: RH Z1234+, Directive 2009/45/EC

Roepnaam: PGRP
IMO nummer: 8136154
MMSI nummer:  244897000

Lengte over alles: 47,00 m
Breedte: 7,50 m
Diepgang: 3,85 m

Bruto tonnage: 242 GT

Hoofdmotor: Mercedes, 430 pk

Type zeilen: Barketine
Zeiloppervlakte: 1007 m² op 12 zeils

Snelheid op zeilen: 11 knopen
Snelheid op motor: 8 knopen

Passagierscapaciteit: 100 dag/avondtocht
32 kruistocht
(4x2, 6x4 - 8x cabine met douche / WC, 2x douche/WC apart)

Zeilplan & Scheepsplan

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Buitenkluiver (2)
Binnenkluiver (3)
Fok (4)
Ondermarszeil (5)
Bovenmarszeil (6)
Voorzeil (8)
Stagzeil (9)
Grootzeil (10)
Yankee (11)
Bezaan (12)


(1) Crew
(2) Lounge
(3) Bar
(4) Salon
(5) Main deck
(6) Galley
(7) Double cabin
(8) 4 person cabin
(9) Bridge