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Zeilschip - Morgenster

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Zeilschip Morgenster

The inauguration of the sailing ship Morgenster was in May 2008. The ship is sailing in Northern European waters. Taking up to 36 trainees (24 in cabins, 12 in hammocks), the ship is especially designed for sail training and is participating in the annual tall ships races organized by Sail Training International.

Dag tochttot 90 passagiers
Avond tochttot 90 passagiers
Receptiestot 100 passagiers
Cruisetot 36 passagiers

During the major maritime events the ship is available for corporate day and evening sail with up to 90 passengers.

The Morgenster is a brig, a two masted sailing ship, which is fully square rigged. Her beautiful rigging is based on the American clippers from the eighteenth century. The heavy British warships were helpless against the maneuverable and fast clippers from America. Sailing such a rigging means great pleasure for the trainees and great entertainment for the passengers while watching the crew handling the ship.

Beside the general operating area in Northern Europe during the summer seasons the Morgenster is also available in winter periods for long term cruises worldwide in warm regions.

Algemene gegevens

In bedrijfsname: 2008
Thuishaven: Den Helder
Vaargebied: Wereldwijd
Classificatie: RH Z1234+, Directive 2009/45/EC

Roepnaam: PHMY
IMO nummer: 5241659
MMSI nummer:  245136000

Lengte over alles: 48,00 m
Breedte: 6,00 m
Diepgang: 2,40 m
Masthoogte: 29,00 m

Waterverplaatsing: 225 t

Hoofdmotor: Scania DS14, 430 pk
Generatoren: 1x John Deere, 62 kw
1x Mitsubishi, 20 kw

Capaciteit vers watertank   9.000 l
Bunker capacity fresh water: 9.000 l

Type zeilen: Brig
Zeiloppervlakte: 600 m² op 15 zeils

Snelheid op zeilen: 12 knopen
Snelheid op motor: 9 knopen

Passagierscapaciteit: 90 dag/avondtocht
36 kruistocht
(4x2, 4x4-passenger cabins) 12 hammocks in salon   


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