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Navire Eye of the Wind

 The 100 year old Brig Eye of the Wind is one of the oldest and one of the most traditional ships in the International fleet. After finishing building the ship in 1911 it was used as a sailing cargo vessel in Denmark. In the year 2000 the ship was fully restored. During the summer months the Eye of the Wind sails around the North coast of Europe and you will find the ship at every North European maritime festival.

Excursion d' une journéejusqu'à 12 passagères
Excursion d'un soirjusqu'à 12 passagères
Croisièrejusqu'à 12 passagères
Furthermore it is possible to do cruises over a few days. During the winter months the Eye of the Wind offers cruises in warmer areas, for example in the Caribbean.

The complete interior is very comfortable and maritime themed, with the whole deck made from teak wood. The classic facilities grant the ship the traditional seafaring charm. The interior and the exterior shine with tropical wood and brass.
Equipped with the latest navigation equipment and a very powerful engine the Eye of the Wind makes a very good balance between the modern and the traditional seafaring.

Information générale

Date de lancement: 1911
Port d'attache: Jersey
Zone de navigation: Dans de monde
Classification: Navire civil de l'école de voile

Indicatif d'appel: GWAK
IMO: 52999864
MMSI nombre: 233789000

Longueur hors tout: 40,23 m
Largeur: 7,01 m
Tirantd'eau: 2,70 m
Hauteur du mât: 28,00 m

Dèplacement: 240 t
Tonnage brut: 129 GT

Moteur principal: Caterpillar, 650 CV
Générateurs:  2x 

1x Deutz, 60 Kw

1x Kibota, 30 Kw
Capacité du réservoir de carburant: 5500 l
Capacité eau douce: 7700 l

Type de grèement: Brig

Surface de voiles: 750 m² sous 13 voiles

Vitesse maximum: 10 noeuds sous voiles
8 noeuds au moteur

Nombre de passagers:  12 coisières à la journée

12 croisières 
Cabines: 2x2, 4x3 - chaque cabine avec douche / WC

Plan de voilure

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Plan de voilure

Grand foc (1)
Faux foc (2)
Petit foc (3)
Misalne (4)
Petit hunier fixe (5)
Petit hunier volant (6)
Petit perroquet (7)
Voile d'etai 1. (8)
Voile d'etai 2. (9)
Grand voile (10)
Maintopsail (11)
Maingallantsail (12)
Voile brigue (13)