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Sailing ship - Gorch Fock I

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Sailing ship Gorch Fock I

The sailing ship Gorch Fock I was built in 1933 in Hamburg which was also the home port. The ship was used as sail training ship for cadets. During the second world war the sail training was stopped.

Receptionsup to 400 passengers

The German navy sank the ship in the Strelasund, a narrow water near the German city Stralsund north of Berlin, in order to protect the German property. Finally the ship became a long life under the Soviet and Ukrainian flag. In 2002 the ship was purchased by the Tall-Ship Friends association, got major refits and become moored in Stralsund again.

Unfortunately because present rules for shipping and passenger transport sailing is no more possible. But the ship can be used static moored at a very nice place in the port of Stralsund.

During the summer the ship is open for public visitors every day. Beside that the ship is available to hold receptions and other private and corporate hospitality. For small groups there is the beautiful captain’s salon available. For big groups up to 400 persons there is the huge deck area and the division rooms below deck available.

General data

Year built: 1933
Home port: Stralsund

Length over all: 82,10 m
Beam: 12,00 m
Draught: 4,80 m
Masthead height: 45,00m

Displacement: 1.510 t
Gross tonnage: 1.160 GT

Main engine: Skoda, Typ 6L275 Pp/11, 550 hp
Generators: 1x MAN, 3-Cylinder, 4-Takt, 30 kw

2x MAN, 4-Cylinder, 4-Takt, 30 kw

Bunker capacity gas oil: 28.000 l
Bunker capacity fresh water: 22.000 l

Type of rigging: Bark
Sail area: 1.797 m² on 23 sails

Speed under sails: 12 knots
Speed under engine: 8 knots

Passenger capacity: 160 reception seated

400 reception on deck

Sail plan

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Sail plan

Outer jib (1)
Inner jib (2)
Jib (3)
Stay foresail (4)
Fore course (5)
Fore lower topsail (6)
Fore upper topsail (7)
Fore lower topgallant sail (8)
Fore upper topgallant sail (9)
First staysail (10)
Second staysail (11)
Third staysail (12)
Main course (13)
Main lower topsail (14)
Main upper topsail (15)
Main lower topgallant sail (16)
Main upper topgallant sail (17)
First mizzen staysail (18)
Second mizzen staysail (19)
Third mizzenstaysail (20)
Lower mizzen sail (21)
Upper mizzen sail (22)
Top mizzen sail (23)